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When we observe certain natural phenomena, we are intuitively drawn into and out of ourselves at the same time. Clouds, ocean waves, blades of grass moved by the wind, the slowly changing light in the desert. Boundaries become fluid. We synchronize to an external rhythm. We may become enraptured, or we may enter a state of deep introspection. 

Among human-made art forms, music most directly induces these deepened or expanded states, whether through dedicated listening or getting lost on a dance floor.

These are sensual experiences, not easily conveyed through language. They are the experiences that form the foundation of my work.

Through careful experimentation and examination,I create visual environments that similarly evoke heightened, connected states of consciousness.

I invite the participant to introduce their own selection of music and observe the interaction of mind, music and environment.

A technical note regarding the image material on this site: Lumia projections are created by the interaction of light and irregular shaped optical components, accounting for their natural and organic look. No software rendering techniques are used. Due to the high contrast ratio and color saturation of laser lumia projections, it is virtually impossible to convey the actual appearance in photo or video. Please contact me to arrange for a private viewing session in the Los Angeles area.

Born 1967, Ulrich holds a Ph.D. in physics from the university of Bochum, Germany. He relocated to Los Angeles in 1997 to work for a software startup dabbling in machine vision. Inspired by attending the Burning Man festival since 1999, he uses his scientific background and deep knowledge of laser technology and optics to create light installations.

Please contact ublightart@gmx.net for information regarding shows and installations. A current FDA variance is on file.